About me

My mum says that my very first whimpering was in three languages… and it is the only explanation I have when I try to remember how and when my passion for Italian, my mother tongue language, English and Spanish arouse.

After the high school diploma (100/100) and the graduation in Foreign Languages and Literature (110/110) in Milan, I went to Seville, where I worked for three years as Area Manager for a company that produced luxury forniture and decorations. There, I’ve understood two main thing: first, Spain is a paradise!! and secondly, that acting as an intermediary between two parts (in that case, foreign clients and artisans in the factory) enthused me like a child. And it was there again that, unconsciously, my career as a translator started: in fact, among many other tasks concerning orders, invoicing and logistic, I was in charge of my company’s webpage and ad material localization.

In 2010, my land (and my sisters!) called me back in Italy. My interest in the world of computer led to me getting the Master Degree in Localization in Turin and, later on, taking an internship at the leading video games localization agency Binari Sonori in Milan. These have been decisive experiences which have proved me that working as a full-time freelance translator would have been a great adventure.