Translators and agencies? There are millions of them! But, after all, if I deliver a job that has a high standard quality, meets client needs and is offered at competitive prices, why on earth should the client look for another translator? The projects I deliver are always based on this assumption.

Here you can see which ingredients are needed, according to my opinion, to make a quality job:

  • Listening carefully to the client in order to understand his requirements and find the best suitable solution.
  • Explaining to the client which my services are and what they consist in. Doing this, I am sure that his expectations coincide with my abilities and nothing is out of control.
  • Working accurately to achieve faithful transfer of the meaning of the source text to the target text.
  • Complying with the instructions (glossaries, style guide, etc.) and the delivery deadline related to the project.
  • Proofreading accurately the target text to assure consistency and fluency.
  • Accepting only jobs for which I am professionally qualified. This means translating only texts whose subject areas and terminology I am familiar with.
  • Maintaining absolute confidentiality about project contents and client data.